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March 30, 2023

Updated FAQ from General Council on Finance & Admin.

Nov. 18, 2022

On Charter Agreements

All previous Charter agreements between local Scout Councils and churches will remain in place only through Dec. 31, 2022.

Charter agreements are to be replaced only by one of these two UMC-approved agreements: Click the link for a fillable PDF
Updated March 2023

Conference Chancellor William Hewig has provided an update and summary of the proceedings, including more about the agreements above Read more

If local Scout councils resist using one of the two above-noted UMC-approved agreements in renewing their relationship with a local church, report that fact to: Jeffrey Hunt, Boy Scouts' VP of Council Operations, at

Aug. 1, 2022
Read the press release from United Methodist Communications Office of Public Information 
July 11, 2022
BSA affiliation agreement available 
The Boy Scouts of America and The United Methodist Church have forged a new relationship, and part of that is the creation of an affiliation agreement for local churches that want to host and have a key supporting role with a Scouting group. A new facilities-use agreement is intended for churches that just want to provide space for Scouting meetings. 

United Methodists extend BSA charters through June 2022

Read a Feb. 14, 2022 press release from the denomination

Read a Dec. 21, 2021 message from the NEAC Cabinet regarding the settlement that has been reached on the BSA bankruptcy 

BSA Settlement Press Release  — 12/21/21

BSA Voting Guide  — 12/21/21

Meeting Guidance  — 12/21/21

June 16, 2022 webinar offers update on BSA charters

On June 7, 2022, Bishop John Schol, BSA/UMC Team Leader, announced that a letter is being sent to the Scouting representatives in our congregations from the BSA/UMC Team. This leadership team was created to support United Methodist chartering organizations in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy matter. Representatives are invited to a webinar 7:30 pm June 16, 2022 to get an update on chartering. 

Read the letter and find registration information

Dec. 8, 2021 update from Ad Hoc Committee

Read a Dec. 7, 2021 letter from NEAC leadership

with a recommendation to vote 'No' on the proposed bankruptcy plan

Read a Dec. 4, 2021 letter from NEAC leadership

Read an Oct. 29, 2021 letter

With an update on Disclosure Statement Packages

Regarding BSA Disclosure Statement Packages
From Bishop Devadhar and the Conference Chancellor regarding charters 
From the Conference Chancellor on BSA Sponsored Alternative Facilities Use Agreements
Chartering Churches
Please check each of the lists for your church
Scouting chartering organizations (current records)
Older charters are listed below (all NE states by state)
Nationwide List (by state)

This page includes information for our churches on the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) bankruptcy reorganization and how churches may be affected.

There is also information for churches that have in the past or are serving as chartering organizations.

We will update the page as new information becomes available.


In February 2020, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for bankruptcy reorganization to protect itself against a growing number of sexual abuse claims made against it. This bankruptcy process is intended to allow the BSA to deal with these claims through a victims’ compensation trust fund and still continue its operations.

Many of our local churches act or have acted as a “sponsoring organization” or “chartering organization” for a Scout troop or other Scout unit (Cub Scout Pack, Venturing Crew, Sea Scouts ship, STEM Scouts lab, Exploring post). 

Chartering organizations are potentially affected by the bankruptcy filing, even if the church has not yet been threatened with a lawsuit related to its current or former Boy Scout unit.

In May, a bankruptcy court judge set Nov. 16, 2020 as the deadline for all creditors, including sexual abuse survivors and chartering organizations, to file claims. 

If a church is now or has ever chartered or otherwise sponsored a Scout unit, our Conference Chancellor is recommending that the church file a “Proof of Claim” (POC) with the court by the Nov. 16 deadline to ensure its rights are preserved whether there are known liabilities or not.

If your church does not file a POC, and a claim is later filed against your church relating to sexual abuse that occurred before Feb. 18, 2020, the BSA and its insurance companies are likely to refuse to participate in the resolution of the sexual abuse claim. This would leave the local church as the primary, and likely sole, defendant in the sexual abuse lawsuit. 

POC filings

We asked all churches that file a Proof of Claim to inform the Conference. 
When you have filed your POC, please complete this online form: BSA POC Filing
Also download and complete the:

Information on how to file a Proof of Claim