Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance are becoming a frequently-used risk management tool for many businesses and organizations. You will be required by others to provide them, and you should be asking for them in certain situations.

What they are

A Certificate of Insurance is simply a document that verifies the existence of insurance.

When You Should Request a Certificate

You can and should request a certificate from any organization or individual – especially a tenant or a contractor – who is using or working on your premises, equipment or other property.

You should require that both your church and “The New England Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church” – be named as additional insured on their liability policies.

You should always request a certificate evidencing General Liability and – when appropriate:

  • Sexual Abuse coverage (if they have children on your property)
  • Workers’ Compensation (if their employees will be on your property or doing any work for you) Automobile Liability (if they will be using their vehicles)

By making these requests and obtaining certificates, you will be accomplishing two important risk management objectives. First, you will be sure that they indeed have insurance to respond to an accident or lawsuit; otherwise, you could suffer financially. Second, if your church gets named in a lawsuit even though there was no negligence on your part, their policy will cover you only if you are named as an additional insured on their policy.

When Someone Requests a Certificate from You

Should another organization request a Certificate from you, simply email Patty Smith at psmith@fredcchurch.com or call her at (978) 322-7217. We will send it right out – one copy directly to the certificate holder, and one for you. 

Examples of situations where you might be required to produce a Certificate of Insurance include:

  • Bank which holds a mortgage or lien on your property,
  • Leasing company who is leasing office or other equipment to you,
  • Event at which you will be exhibiting or having a booth, table or display – such as a crafts fair or town day.

To issue a certificate of insurance, we need to know:

  • Name and address of the organization making the request, including specific individual who should receive Certificate if necessary.
  • Reason for the certificate.
  • If they want to be named as an “Additional Insured.”
  • Any other special instructions.