2023 Church Conferences

Each church meets annually as a community of God to celebrate ministries, conduct the business of the church, and to resolve to answer the call of Jesus Christ in the year ahead. 

On this page you'll find information and resources to prepare for your church's annual Church Conference. 

The Church Conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work. It includes the following:

Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) meeting:  This meeting includes the District Superintendent (DS) and the SPRC. It is held immediately prior or several days prior to the Church Conference.  Churches receive scheduling information from the DS.
Church Conference:  This meeting includes an Elder (DS or presiding Elder), church leaders and parishioners.  It is held after the SPRC meeting.  Churches receive scheduling information from the DS. 
Reports: To conduct church business, church leaders and pastors complete several reports.  
Worship Materials and Agenda

2023 Worship Materials and Agenda  


Beginning in 2023, churches will access and process annual church conference reports online.  Most of the reports are accessed through the People Portal/Church Dashboard electronic platform.  Do not email reports or send paper reports.

Reports Checklist: This comprehensive list includes due dates, responsibilities, locations and descriptions. 

This checklist is key to your success!  

Reports are accessed in three ways: 

1. People Portal/Church Dashboard - This is where the majority of annual reports are located. Pastors and various church leaders have access permission.

2. Link - If applicable, these reports are required at Church Conference. These forms are accessible to everyone (click link below).  Submit 1 week prior to Church Conference or December 1 whichever comes first.

Lay Servant Signatures from Pastors, Ad Council Chair and DS:  The lay servant will receive a confirmation email that provides a link to return to the form.   

They will forward this confirmation email to the pastor and church council chair for signature.

3. Email invitation to FormVites - These reports are required by December 1.  They are not submitted at Church Conference.  Pastors and SPRC Chairs will receive an email invitation on Sept. 21, 2023.

  • Church Appointment Update (SPRC Chair)
  • Pastor Appointment Update (Pastor)
  • Pastor Profile for Mission and Ministry (Pastor)

The pastor is ultimately accountable for ensuring
that reports are submitted.


Helpful information

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How to access the People Portal/Church Dashboard

How to complete reports 

How to make PDFs

Training materials

Two online training sessions on the reports and processes were held in August 2023. Review the recorded sessions and additional information.

Find the materials

Helpful links

People Portal/Church Dashboard 

2024 Pastoral Compensation Guide

2024 Pension Information

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Members of the conference staff worked diligently to create, test and troubleshoot the new report processes. We expect and understand that there will be questions.

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Weekly Zoom Q&A

In this live weekly session, Database Manager Lisa Abbott, the  district offices and others from the Conference team will be available to answer your questions about the new processes. These drop-in sessions are open to all.

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