Church Conference 2018

Expanded Schedule for 2018 Northern Maine Church Conferences

Click on the above link to get the schedule for church conferences.  Including dates and times for SPRC meetings and church conference


Church Conference Worship Bulletin/Booklet

     * A note about this booklet, depending on your printer, alternate pages may print upside down.  You may need to make accomodations for this. 

Church Conference Worship Bulletin Large Print

     *  This is the same as the Worship Bulleting Booklet only in large print.

Church Conference Leader's Script

     *  This is to be used ONLY by the person who may be assisting the DS.  It is NOT for general use. 

Reports Needed for SPRC meeting with the DS:

     SPRC Report to the DS 2018-19

     2019 Clergy Compensation Report

     Housing Allowance/Exclusion  and Worksheet

     Parsonage Inspection (if relevant)

     Church Appointment Update

     Pastoral Appointment Update


Forms/Reports Needed for the Church Conference:

     2017 Church Conference Minutes

     2017 Fund Balance Report (Audit)

     Trustee Report

     2019 Church Clergy Compensation Report (same as used in SPRC meeting with the DS)

     YTD Finance Report

     GCFA Annual Report of the Committee on Finance

     2019 Budget (if prepared)

     Lay Leadership Report and Nominations

     Lay Servant/Lay Speakers Report

     Clergy Candidate Report (Form 104, call the district office if you need this form)

     Pastor's Report (to include baptisms, memberships and rememberance of saints) 

Not covered during church conference but requested at the time of church conference:

     Profile for Mission and Ministry (Local Church)  yes, this is required annually

     Profile for Mission and Ministry (Pastor) yes, this is required annually