Circle Process

“Being around the table – the spirit of God is present. By being authentically together, that creates a space for the Spirit to be present and to speak to us.”
– Rev. Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang,
former Circle Process Team member


Learn more about Vital Conversations: Race at the 2017 Annual Conference


Inspiration for using Circle Process in NE

Brief explanation of Circle Process

Demonstration of Circle Process

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A step-by-step guide to Circle Process

An introduction to Worshipful Conversation

Circle Process as practiced in faith communities

Circle Process Team members

“Circle Process is a way of talking about a topic – often a difficult topic – in which everybody’s voice gets heard.” said Rev. Barbara Lemmel, a member of the Conference’s Circle Process Team.

Vital Conversations

Circle Process was used at the 2017 Annual Conference to explore the theme Vital Conversations: Race.

Each member of Annual Conference received a study guide and video resources to continue the conversations about race in their own context. 

About Circle Process

Here’s how it works: Participants sit in a circle along with someone acting as facilitator. Everyone is given the opportunity to speak to the particular question or topic in turn.  

A “talking stick” – it can be any object – is passed around the circle. Only the person with the object is allowed to speak, and others are not allowed to interrupt or respond until the object comes to them.

A facilitator is there to keep the process moving and ensure the boundaries are respected. There may be time to go around the circle more than once.

The Circle Process Team has complied some materials and made some videos to help local churches that want to use this process in their own contexts. Members of the team are also available to answer questions about the process. Click on the links above for more.