Mission Shares


“… the Church is either faithful as a witnessing and serving community,
or it loses its vitality and its impact on an unbelieving world.”

The Book of Discipline ¶ 130      

Beyond the reaffirmation of faith, each local congregation is an expression of the ministry of Jesus Christ and bears witness to reconciliation with God and one another. As each congregation prepares its annual financial program, the language of numbers gives shape and dimension to faithful response to ministry. These responses connect our denomination in a dynamic multi-dimensional way.
Overall, our resources are apportioned to various distinct, but interconnected, programs and ministries. While they
may vary in priority, each one is worthy of your careful, prayerful and responsible consideration and decision.
To assist you in your review of how your apportioned resources work, we have divided the fundamental needs of our Conference and denomination into three fund areas. Each fund represents an important area in which we are keeping faith with the Discipline and our commitment as a connectional people:
        Mission Share Funds

  • Fund 1 – World Missions
  • Fund 2 – New England Mission
  • Fund 3 – Ministry Support

Your response to each of these funds will truly be an expression of faith; for all these funds address not only current, but also future needs. As such, they are the substance of things hoped for. In allocating apportioned funds, we are making tangible our confidence of the things we hope … for our communities, for our Conference, for our church, and for our world.

Learn more about Mission Shares

In this 2019 video, New England Conference Elder Rev. Erica Robinson-Johnson, former Director of Connectional Ministries/Assist. to the Bishop, talks about Mission Shares and the importance of the United Methodist Connection.