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Mission u: It’s for you

Mission u provides opportunities for persons to grow in understanding of the mission of the church in the current world context as well as initiate opportunities for spiritual and educational experiences. The time is spent in worship and in-depth study with music, prayer, sharing, exploring and much food for the body and the soul. 
Mission u is for women, men, youth, children.

2018 Mission u

This mission education experience for all ages will take place Friday to Sunday, July 27-29, 2018, at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH.

2018 Studies

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Spiritual Growth Study: Embracing Wholeness led by Mimi Magee

Embracing Wholeness is the second in a two-part series about covenantal living. Part 1: Living as a Covenant Community explores the scriptural definitions covenant in order to bridge these definitions with their application and their implications for the modern church. Part 2: Embracing Wholeness is designed to build on this work it explores the ways God has called us to live in covenantal relationship with all of creation and challenges readers to work toward stronger and healthier relationships with creation, their communities, themselves, and God. 

Issue Mission Study: What About Our Money? A Faith Response led by Leeda Marsh

What About Our Money? A Faith Response explores how we relate to money within the context of our faith. Through this connection between our faith and our money, readers discover how to live closer to God and God’s people, even in our North American culture that is so deeply defined by money. She explores the biblical foundation of abundance (sufficiency), which stands in opposition to the scarcity narrative our culture tells us from the time we are very young.

The focus of this study is both personal and communal. Readers will explore their own relationship with money, the money choices available to us, and how we individually and collectively respond in light of our faith. The text takes into account that we are all in different places, in different financial circumstances, health, family structure, race, age, and stage of life, and each of us has our own values and capacities.

Issue Mission Study for Children: Money Matters led by Tammy Verity

Money Matters teaches children about the concept of money, the importance of generosity, and how God intends for us to use money as an expression of love for others. Over the course of the four sessions, children will learn through biblical examples how to be responsible custodians of money and how they can use their resources to be a part of God’s plan.

Issue Study for Youth: Is It Just Money? Our Dollars, God’s Economy led by Michael Terrell

Is It Just Money? is designed to engage youth in an exploration of money as it relates to faith and justice. This collection of activities and discussions will provide the study leader with the resources to help youth—ages thirteen to eighteen—deepen their understanding of the complex questions that surround making, having, giving, and using money.
The following principles guide the conversations and shared work throughout the sessions:

  • God has provided plentifully for the needs of the people of earth.
  • Human action has caused these resources to be unfairly distributed.
  • Our faith calls on us to respond to the immediate needs of others.
  • Our faith calls on us to reform systems that promote and further inequity.


Korean Spiritual Growth Study: Embracing Wholeness led by Hyuk Seonwoo

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Location and accommodations

Southern New Hampshire University is set in the outskirts of Manchester, NH, just off Route 93. The housing is in suites with shared semi-private bathrooms; handicapped accessible buildings; shuttle service between buildings; air-conditioned classrooms; cafeteria dining. Bring your own linens, pillow, towels and toiletries including a cup. Five meals are included, Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

Additional details will be included in the letter you will receive when you register.

Mission u is for everyone ...

... pastors, laity, families, youth and children. There are classes for both youth and children. One Continuing Education Unit (1 CEU) is offered for clergy who participate in theentire event.

More ...

Bring some extra cash or your checkbook! An offering is always received at Mission u. It often is designated in part to support a mission project related to the geographic or social issue. Spirit Wind, the fair trade marketing connection to Nicaragua for the New England Conference, has a display with many handmade items for sale.
The United Methodist Women have books for sale from the Reading Program.