Rev. René Perez withdraws as NEAC endorsed candidate for the episcopacy

August 30, 2022

Rev. René Perez has withdrawn his name as an NEAC endorsed candidate for the episcopacy. Read a letter from him below.

Dear New England Conference Laity and Clergy,

After spending time in prayer, fasting and discernment, I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the episcopacy.

This has been one of the most difficult leadership decisions that I have made during my ministry as United Methodist pastor, so I want you to know that I do not make this decision lightly. I understand and have felt honored by the trust, privilege and the responsibility of the endorsement to the episcopacy. I have also appreciated the support and encouragement I have received over the years by many of you to take this step; a step in which I have always felt needed to be led by God, not blurred by any misplaced motivations or desires to pursue power or position, and one that would serve at the behest of God’s love and purpose.

As a person of color, of Latinx descent who has, on many occasions, felt lost in the church that continues to struggle with the full inclusion of all God’s people, I deeply struggled with making this decision. I feel a sense of God’s calling and responsibility to let my voice be heard, and to be a part of the change that God will make within our beloved United Methodist Church. However, after spending time with and seeking God’s will through my discernment, I believe, at this time, God is leading me to remain as local church pastor. For now, I feel led to use my energy to serve the church and the community where I am currently appointed, and to continue serving within the New England Annual Conference. 

Again, I am deeply grateful for your trust and confidence in my leadership. I pray God will continue to lead us with courage and wisdom. 
Because of Christ,
Rev. René Perez