Preschool Resources

Early Childhood Development

The Most Important Space in the Church – This resource emphasizes that evangelism and spiritual formation begin in the nursery. It is there that many visitors first interact with church members and experience an outpouring of warmth and acceptance — known as radical hospitality. Building a rich, spiritually rooted ministry with children and their families creates a faith formation pattern that lasts beyond nursery days. This book presents both theological groundwork and practical applications for strengthening any church’s ministry, beginning in the most important space — the nursery.
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) – This organization offers an annual training for educators of young children, which include tracks for religious education.

Zero to Three – This organization supports teachers in the area of child development through free downloadables and extensive resources.

Formational Resources

The Little Christian magazine – The stories in this magazine are meant to be read by or with children, so the text is simple or rhymed. The art is vivid, bold and engaging. The stories are faith-based, so you’ll be helping to nurture a child’s spiritual awareness from a young age. In addition to stories, it contains prayers, songs, Christian biographies, activities, rituals and more to help children become aware of God’s presence and activity in and around them.

First Steps Spirituality Center PrayGround – Online “Prayground” for children four and older to learn the elements of prayer.