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Insurance and Risk Management Program Booklet (PDF) - Effective Aug. 1, 2022 to Aug. 1, 2023


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The New England Conference oversees a comprehensive property/casualty insurance and risk management program for all churches and some other affiliated organizations within the Conference family.

The role of this program is to reduce insurance costs for all members of the Conference, and to mitigate the risks associated with accidental loss. Losses may arise from fire and water damage, liability claims and litigation, employment-related injuries, theft, vandalism and other causes.

The Conference Insurance Committee and Treasurer’s Office work in partnership with our insurance broker, Fred C. Church Insurance, and the insurance companies who underwrite the Conference’s insurance policies. With ongoing oversight by the Conference, the responsibilities of our broker and our insurers for the program include:

  • Administration of the Conference property, liability, workers compensation and other insurance policies and programs;
  • Prompt reporting, initial investigation, and ongoing management of insured claims with our insurance carriers;
  • Responsiveness through telephone and e-mail communication to all individual church questions, concerns and opportunities regarding insurance and risk management;
  • Cooperation and collaboration with individual churches to develop policies and procedures to prevent or minimize losses;
  • Review of contracts and agreements to ensure that the Conference bears only its proportionate share of any liability or claims that may arise from the agreement, and to ensure that appropriate insurance and other protective clauses are in the agreement.