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Preachers' Aid Society within our Conference has established a representative on each district. The attached flyer introduces Jon Almond as the RISEM representative and outlines what he will do for local churches if they wish.There is no cost to local churches for this resource. Preachers' Aid picks up honorarium and expenses of its reps.  



  • Equitable  Compensation

The deadline for submitting applications for Equitable Compensation Grants is November 15. This reminder is for those congregations considering applying for the first time AND those congregations that have previously received grants. If you wish to receive a grant and fit the criteria outlined in the ECC guidelines, you must submit a new application. Please refer to the grant application booklet on the Conference web page (under Business & Finance, click on Form Finder and search for “Equitable” or click the specific links below) for the steps you must take to secure your grant. Should you have any questions or need clarification about the process, please contact your District Superintendent or any member of the Commission.

 Equitable Compensation Grant Application Booklet


  •  Mission Share Relief:

Mission Share Review Churches interested in applying for Mission Share Relief should begin the process now.  Applications should be returned to the District Superintendent for review and approval by November 20th.  Decisions will be made by March 1. 

Click here for application.



  • Churches required to report moving expense payments for clergy

Wespath Benefits and Investments has provided information to local churches about the changes in federal tax law concerning moving expense payments and the importance of reporting such payments to the New England Conference.
Watch a video and find a Q&A on handling clergy moving expense taxes
It is important and necessary for local churches to report any moving expense payments made to, or on behalf of, active clergy to the Conference for benefit calculation purposes. If local churches fail to report moving expense payments, clergy may receive fewer benefits than they are entitled to.
What to report:

  • The amount of any moving expense payment provided to or on behalf of an active clergyperson,
  • The date on which it was paid, and
  • The name of the clergyperson.

How to report:
To report payments to the New England Conference, local churches should complete the Clergy Moving Expense form. (Click the link to complete the online form.)
Read more about these requirements
Information and the form can also be found on our website at www.neumc.org/taxissues