Tax Issues

FAQ on Clergy Housing Allowance case

On Oct. 9, 2017, a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled clergy housing allowances unconstitutional. Further arguments are expected to be heard on Oct. 30, 2017. Given the importance of this ruling to our clergy, the Conference office of Finance & Administration has prepared an FAQ to provide more information on this. If you have further questions after reading the FAQ, contact Conference Treasurer Bill Burnside at

Read the FAQ


GCFA Tax Packet 

  • Go to GCFA Web Page. Packet includes:

  • Tax information for clergy

  • Tax information for churches

  • Business expenses and reimbursements

 Employee vs. Contractor Information

Other Tax Resources: 

Ministerial Tax Issues guide available

GuideStone Financial Resources is a Texas-based provider of retirement and financial services to churches, mission-sending agencies, hospitals, educational institutions, and other related ministries.

GuideStone has created a Ministerial Tax Issues guide that is available as a free PDF. Click the link to find this and other materials created by GuideStone.